Our Story, So Far ...

The story of why Aussie Dog Parks was created is a simple one...
"Necessity is the mother of all invention"

Welcome to Aussie Dog Parks & Dog Friendly Business Directory!

One day, I decided to take a road trip from Townsville QLD to Armidale NSW to visit my adult daughter (approx. 3600km round trip). I had recently moved to Townsville so it seemed a wonderful way to see a stretch of our beautiful country that I had never travelled through. My husband and I had recently adopted a dog from our local RSPCA, so I decided to take Max (the dog) with me so that we could bond more closely. Hence, I packed the car with my dog, my swag, an esky, and whole a lot of enthusiasm. 

A couple of hours into the trip I thought that I had better find a dog park or an open area for Max to relieve himself. I had never travelled with a dog before and was not quite sure of how often a dog needed a rest stop. Finding a dog friendly park was not an easy task. I was travelling down the highway and was not aware of any of the facilities available in any of the approaching towns. On top of that, I did not want to randomly detour too much off the highway either. I thought to myself, ‘I wish there was a website that easily identified local dog parks.’!

But that was not the only inconvenience on this road trip. Each afternoon I needed to find dog friendly accommodation to stay at for the night. Unfortunately, most Visitor Information Centres were difficult to locate and they were usually closed in the late afternoon/early evening. My only hope was to pull the car over, hop onto my ‘smart phone' (so I thought), and start searching for dog friendly accommodation. It seems that not all caravan parks welcome dogs. On top of that, there were times that I had to back track many kilometres to the only dog friendly accommodation in that area. Now I am sure that I am not the only one who gets a little irritable when tired! One of the last things that I wanted to do at the end of the day was to become a research assistant on the side of the highway. Once again, I thought to myself, ‘I wish there was a website that easily identified dog friendly accommodation.’!

On my drive back from Armidale, I entertained the idea of creating a website that would help people and their dogs find:

  • dog parks close to home,
  • dog parks far from home, and
  • dog friendly businesses along their travels. 

The goal of Aussie Dog Parks is to make it easy for dog owners (locals and tourists) to find: 

  • Dog Parks & Designated Dog Off Leash Areas
  • Dog Boarding Kennels
  • Dog Day Care & Dog Walkers
  • Dog Friendly Accommodation - including B&Bs, Caravan Parks, Farm Stays, Hotels, and Motels
  • Dog Friendly Cafés - including Bistros, Pubs, Restaurants, and other dog friendly eateries
  • Dog Friendly Outings - including Heritage Town Walks, Public Art Walks, Walking Trails, Wineries, Markets, and Museums (country regions)
  • Dog Groomers
  • Dog Rescue Groups - including local Animal Shelters
  • Dog Shows & Events Calendar - including Pet Expos, Dog Trials, and Dog Shows - COMING SOON!
  • Dog Training & Education - including Agility Clubs, Obedience Clubs, and Sports Clubs
  • Pet Stores & Accessories - including customised and handmade products
  • Vet Clinics & Alternative Dog Therapies
  • Visitor Information Centres

Currently, we have identified over 3,700 Dog Parks & Dog Off Leash Areas. Help us, help you (and others), by looking up your local dog park and updating its facilities on our easy to use online form. These details are especially beneficial to travellers who are new to an area and are often weary from travelling many kilometres each day. Unfortunately, Max and I are unable to visit every dog park around the country, however, your assistance is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

Aussie Dog Parks & Dog Friendly Business Directory is AFFORDABLE ADVERTISING for ALL dog friendly businesses!

If you know of a dog friendly business in your region that may benefit from advertising with us, please forward our details to them for their consideration.

And ... if you have any suggestions to make the website better; just send me a Facebook message or email them to

Enjoy your day with your dog by your side!

Monica & Max (my RSPCA dog)


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